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Another ‘top ten’ for you today, based upon my day’s experience, and another 9 years living in this continent:

1. Smoke from a log fire – it’s just not the same as a bonfire or barbecue smell, but I love it! It also probably means that something tasty is being cooked!

2. Diesel – particulary from lorries, although a Peugeot pickup passed us today and was belching out an amazing quantity of smelly smoke.

3. Baygon bug spray – it does what it says on the tin, but it doesn’t half stink!

4. Sandy dust after a vehicle passes – close your mouths folks!

5. ‘Jungle Formula’ insect repellent – I’m wearing it now, and it’s a kind of a lemongrass-type smell I’ve grown to quite like over the years.

6. Open sewers – not pleasant.

7. Perspiration – it happens! But most of the time it’s fairly bearable 😉

8. Strong ladies’ perfume – that’s the perfume’s aroma, not the ladies who are strong (though many are).

9. African rain – before you write in to complain, I know that rain itself doesn’t smell of much. But the smell of the streets, lawns, plants and trees after a rainfall is heavenly indeed.

10. Roast chicken – fresh in my mind as I just had some. On many street corners in a big African city, you can find folk roasting or grilling chicken, often on a rotisserie. Very tasty, and tonight’s dinner was not exception (even if it did take 90 minutes to arrive!

Thanks for reading.

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