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And easy one this time:

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In recent weeks, I have quickly discovered that the definitions of ‘hot’, ‘just right’ or ‘cold’ differ vastly, depending on what one is used to. For example:

At the moment, it’s around 28 Celsius in England, the point at which I think: “It’s just starting to get nice and warm for once.” Meanwhile, Brits who have not lived in Africa are complaining that “It’s too hot!” It’s all a question of what one is used to.

Now, we’re slowly re-acclimatizing, but it will be a long time (if ever) until I consider 30 Celsius as ‘hot’. Not after Mali’s “human oven” climate!!

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The first four lines of this song were written by Dave Sper from Our Daily Bread. I liked the words, so added another four lines and then a ‘chorus’. Here’s the result:

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(Sorry, the ‘audio player’ feature doesn’t seem to be working this week. Just click on the link and it downloads pretty quickly. Cheers)

Tragedy into Opportunity

The Lord can change a tragedy
Into an opportunity
To show us that eternity
Must never be ignored
His awesome creativity
At work in us so mightily
Will bring us through ad-ver-si-ty
Empowered and restored

Thank you Jesus for your all-embracing love
Through the traumas of this life
____________Gm______Csus C
Your grace will always be enough
We put our faith in You
And claim your power from above
Saviour, healer, faithful God