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Someone recently noted that many of my songs are more to do with encouraging Christians to live lives closer to God, and to reach out to others. Nothing wrong with that, but there’s also a need for songs which purely worship the Lord for who he is. That’s what this song does.

The melody is not as original as I’d like, but it is certainly singable (and it will stick in your head!!) The last line, of course, is from Henry Twells’ lovely song “At evening, when the sun had set” (1868). Click here to see all the words.

Now, whilst my piano came with me to Senegal, it has now gone off (by road) to The Gambia! However, I had the foresight to record the accompaniment for this song over a week ago, before the instrument disappeared! Here it is:

Jesus, you are everything to me

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Jesus, you are everything to me
My life, my hope, my salvation
A____________E/G#__________ F#m_____F#m/E
On the cross you gave your life to set me free
And I will serve you all the days of my life

You are my strength, you are my might
You are my never-ending light
My comfort and refuge
My healing and my sight
My shield and my deliverer
My strong and mighty tower
Lord, your touch has still its ancient power

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