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The melody is a bit ‘mainstream’ for my liking, but the words are – I hope – challenging and powerful. The Church of the West has been described as ‘asleep’ in other parts of the world. Is it not time we all became more open and radical about our faith?? The opening lines are inspired by J.B.Phillips’ New Testament translation of Romans 12:2, where it says:

“Don’t let the world around you squeeze you into its own mould, but let God re-mould your minds from within”.

Living Every Moment for You

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This fallen world is squeezing us
Into its own mould
Your truth has been so compromised
That many have grown cold
So we come to You, Lord Jesus
And in Your name we stand
You alone have power to bring
Salvation to our Land

I wanna speak out, I wanna be bold
There’s a message to be told
I wanna have faith, I wanna be strong
You’re my strength, you are my song.
I wanna live out my life each day
Walking humbly in your way
A mind that is fixed and all that’s true
Living every moment for you.

At Pentecost, in awesome power
Your Holy Spirit came
And Your disciples all announced
The glory of Your name
So we come to You, Lord Jesus
We need your power again
Oh, Holy Spirit, fall on us
So we can do the same.

We need to share your Gospel now
Yet all around we see
Where hearts once burned with love for You
There is mediocrity
So we come to you, Lord Jesus
And ask that, in Your name
We’ll tell salvation’s message
Without fear and without shame.

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