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Oh My God!

Yes, that’s the title of my third song of the year. The aim is to reinstate the phrase to its original meaning of awe and wonder at our mighty, omnipotent creator. As you know, the phrase has become misused as an expletive in recent times, so this song aims to redress the balance once again.

This one has a bit of a funky Latin beat with hints of acid jazz; not something you often hear in church! Also, the repeated chord sequence of I, II, V in a minor key has never (to my knowledge) been used in Christian worship music before (but please correct me if you know otherwise!)

Here you go:

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Oh my God!
You made this whole vast universe
Oh my God!
You are wonderful indeed
Oh my God!
__C_____________F__________Em7 A7
I can’t take in the size of you
And yet you know me
Even better than I do

Verse 1:
Every hair on my head is numbered
Every thought in my mind he knows
So why do you fret?
And why do you worry?
Oh ye of little faith!

Every step that I take He guides me
My whole future is in his hands
So why should I fret?
And why should I fret?
The Lord is in control!

This whole church is the Lord’s own body
His great purposes we’ll fulfil
So we will not fret
And we will not worry
For He will lead the way!

* If you want it to sound ‘posh’ then play A7b9 instead of A7 if you know it (C#dim would work too).
Also, the song still sounds okay with the normal Dm and Em chords without the added 7ths.

2 Comments posted on "Song of the Week no.3"
Paul Gideon Dann on January 25th, 2012 at 10:29 am #

I really like this one; good job!

Rob on January 31st, 2012 at 12:09 pm #

Thanks Paul!