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So, here’s Song Number One:

I’ve gone for a pseudo-celtic, neo-hymn (which partly breaks my rule no.5 already). But, hey, the Townend/Getty ones have gone down well and it’s still different from most other worship songs today! Hope you like it – I’ve gone for a very ‘safe’ song first time round, but shall endeavour for something more radical next time! (PS Sorry, I’m recovering from a cold, so my voice is not that great).

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This world is full of darkness
With much to make you fall
So stand your ground believing
In the wonder of your call
So take the power of Jesus
To aid you in your fight
Surrender all you are to him
And you will know His might

It’s hard to love your enemies
To humbly serve your foes
But that is just what Jesus did
So rest assured he knows
The struggles and the trials
You are going through each day
Just follow His example
To trust and to obey

Take away all bitterness
All vengeance and all spite
I just can’t do this on my own
It’s only by your might
My human nature hinders me
In, oh, so many ways
Create in me a pure heart
Of wisdom, love and praise.

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