Filed Under (General, Things to do in Bamako) by Rob on 18-10-2011

Have a nice snack at ‘Le Nid’ in Torokorobougou!

Yes, this recently-opened place is air-conditioned and has good food and good service. Even the prices are reasonable! A chwarma costs around 1000cfa, burgers maybe 1500. I like the ‘Salade Africaine’ (which we’ve had several times without getting sick) – for just 750cfa (that’s one English pound!!) you get lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, onions, cucumber and egg! Bargain!

But it’s a breakfast time that I like Le Nid most of all: great pastries and cakes and the best cafĂ© au lait in town (according to Rob Baker).

‘Le Nid’ means ‘The Nest’ – hence the light brown nest-like design on the walls inside. To get there, take the New Bridge (not the New, New Bridge) from town and exit as soon as you’re over. Turn right and Le Nid is about 300yds down on the right hand side. NB There is also a ‘Nid’ in town near the start of the Route de Koulikoro. Never been (as this one is closer) but it looks almost identical from the outside and (I imagine) does the same kind of food.

So, what are you waiting for? Le Nid is a handy, friendly place (with slightly whacky interior decor) to chill out and watch the news on one of their two flat-screen tellys!

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