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…but you CAN get in the Gambia!

On a recent visit to the Gambia, we were delighted to find that, not only were the supermarkets there cheaper than in Mali, but also they stocked many British products we just cannot get here. So, as well as 8 kilos of cheese (gouda, edam and cheddar) which was around 40% of the Bamako price, we also brought the following back with us:

Cadbury’s Drinking Chocolate (yum!), Bombay Mix, Barr’s “Irn Bru” (‘made in Scotland from girders’)

Heinz Baked Beans, Vimto cordial, Tetley’s Tea

Taco Shells, Mushy Peas (double yum!), Doctor Pepper (made in England, not the US)

Marmite (triple yuk, but Lois loves it), Bisto gravy granuals, Weetabix Minis.

Lyle’s Golden Syrup (wow!), Draught Guinness in a can (to be sure!) and
‘Country Time’ traditional lemonade (from the USA).

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A scary but self-explanitory road sign in Dogon Country:

Okay, okay. I’ve got the message! I’ll go slow round the corners when driving down the Dogon Cliffs. Promise!