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Have a relaxing walk by the canal (no.1)

There are two nice canal walks we know. This is the first (although it’s the same canal, just a different bit! Will blog about the other walk in future). For this one, drive east along the south bank of the river through Magnambougou until you get out of town. Then, just after a derelict factory (with chimneys!) you’ll see a strange looking metal structure on the left. Leave the road here and park up by the sluice.

Here’s the place on Tim’s Bamako Map:

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So, you’re driving in from the bottom left of the picture, then turn immediately left and park at the end of the lane. Then you cross one little bridge onto the triangular ‘island’ then the longer bridge over the sluice and you’re on a path between the Niger River and the canal.

From here it’s a couple of miles to the Brand New Bridge! When we did the walk (last Sunday) there were loads of mopeds going past, partly because the main road on the other side of the canal was blocked of for works on the bridge. Hopefully, this will change in the near future when the new bridge opens. As you walk along the canal, the view is very pleasant. You also pass a couple of small Bozo fishing villages.

Once you get to the new bridge, you can either cross over to the right and walk back along the road or turn around and come back the same way. Or, if you’re feeling energetic (or riding a bike) you can continue along the same side of the canal a bit further – that will be the 2nd walk!

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anne on July 25th, 2011 at 8:45 am #

big canal compared with ours.