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Have some tasty icecream from the shop of the same name:

Yes, newly opened in Bamako, very close to the Fourmi supermarket and the bowling alley, is this icecream parlour. Here we are choosing our flavours (the place is nicely air-conditioned too, preventing premature melting of your icecream).

The biggest attraction for me, though, is the sheer range of choice: up to 36 different flavours, including passion fruit, apricot, bubble gum, strawberry, dark chocolate, caramel, mango, kiwi, pineapple, ‘blue’, papaya, and biscuit! Yum! Have a look:

Meanwhile the biggest drawback is the prices: no more than you’d pay in Europe, but still quite a lot compared with other places in town. 1000cfa for a cornet with one scoop is about £1.30 or $2 and if you have two scoops, it’s going to set you back £1.70 or $3!

Now, the Star petrol station next to Azar’s supermarket in Badalabougou sells ‘Mr Whippy’ icecreams for 250cfa a cone (yes, icecream at a gas station!!) and the yellow supermarket near ‘Handicap International’ in Badala has about six flavours at the same price. Even the Rabelais Hotel (best icecream in town until this place opened) is a bit cheaper, I think. Still, there’s nowhere I know of that has as many flavours, so it’s still worth visiting now and again (especially when the midday temperatures are still up to 37 Celsius!)

Bon Appétit!

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