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Visit Rob’s favourite supermarket: La Fourmi.

Translated into English, la fourmi means the ant – a curious choice for a supermarket, but I guess they’re hard-working insects who are good at storing stuff away. Here’s one of their shopping bags, depicting a female ant pushing a shopping trolley (sureal!).

Inside, there are two storeys packed full of all kinds of goods: groceries, electronics, clothing, kitchenware, toys, magazines. Right now, they also have plenty of Christmassy bits – trees, tinsel, chocolate etc. Yum!

Prices are not particularly lower than other supermarkets, but there is a lot of variety and sometimes you can pick up great bargains (some of which are blogged about here). One of the coolest things (which my kids love too) is the “trolley escalator” which takes your trolley up to the next floor (and down again) without spilling any of its contents. Nice!

Finally, here’s the Fourmi Supermarket thanks to Tim’s Bamako Map:

View Tim’s Bamako map in a larger map

Happy Shopping now!

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anne on December 16th, 2010 at 4:45 pm #

id like a go on the trolley escalator.