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Visit the Place des Nations and brush up on your vexillology

It’s a pleasant drive up the hillside from the city and a great view from the top as well. Now, the flags are not always flying, so you may be disappointed on this account. However, there are well over 100 flags from all over the world when they are up, so you can have fun looking round them all and guessing the countries! It’s very quiet and peaceful up there and you can even sit in the gardens and have a rest.

To get there, take the road past the National Museum and zoo all the way up to the top, then turn left (towards the President’s house). The place is on the right – you can’t miss it! Here’s it is from above, courtesy of Tim’s Bamako Map:

View Tim’s Bamako map in a larger map

Now, we did find that some of the flags were on the wrong poles for their labels, but finding these is part of the fun trip, right?! Oh, and Poland was actually displayed as Indonesia (as it was upside down). Other vexillophiles will understand this, are you one?

Let’s here it for flag-lovers everywhere!

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