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…but not when they cut my hair!

It’s the fascinating and original designs and names I’m talking about. They often contain painted images of people with various haircuts, are brighly coloured or interestingly decorated and have unusual and entertaining names. All in all, African hair salons are interesting places to spot!

However, in my experience it is not always wise for folks such as myself to have a haircut at these places; it’s not necessarily that they cannot cut hair well, but more that many are just not used to our straight, fine hair! One time, I was in a salon for 1 hour 15 minutes, but came out looking like a scarecrow!

Now, that’s a nice one! And if there’s a queue, you can always pop next door for a coffee! And this somewhat ramshackle one is named after “Snoop Dog”! One wonders how many customers actually knows who he is:

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