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My feet have scarcely touched the ground since May, so only now am I actually writing about GCoMM, which happened in July in Singapore…

GCoMM stands for ‘The Global Consultation on Music and Missions’, although many other art forms (dance, drama etc) are also covered. It is a great opportunity for folks like myself to gather together with like-minded individuals for meetings, worship sessions and general brainstorming. I also gave a paper based on my thesis discoveries.

Still, enough from me; I could never describe the happenings of GCoMM in as much detail or flair as my old mate George Luke, who was there too. Here we are enjoying a coffee together at one of Singapore’s many shopping centres:

We also enjoyed a curry and some rather unusual icecream together, but I’ll let George (a jounalist and altogether nice bloke from London) tell you all about it.

Have a look at the three reports below – well worth a read:

George’s GCoMM article, Part I
George’s GCoMM article, Part II
George’s GCoMM article, Part III

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