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…for the dyslexic?!?

This made me laugh! Africa is riddled with ‘knock offs’ of various shapes and sizes: the fake Rolex, the ‘Bennelton’ designer t-shirts, Nike trainers, Ralph Lauren, Kappar, Sony, you name it! However, this one must’ve been devised by an anagram specialist – all the letters are there, but (in the words of Eric Morecombe) not necessarily in the right order!!

It’s all the more amusing for the fact that it also has a ‘Calvin Klein’ badge on the same bag!! In fact, Timberland don’t even make a bag like this (as far as I can see). The closest I found is this one (a ‘diaper bag’!)

More ‘spelling fun’ in Africa soon…

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Danielle on September 9th, 2010 at 10:57 pm #

LOL! That one’s hilarious! 🙂