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Visit the Broadway Café:

Apparently run by someone who lived in the USA for a while, this place offers good quality, western-style food in a pleasant, air-conditioned environment and at affordable prices! What more could you want?

Well, as you’re asking, slightly faster service! However, as long as you take a pack of cards with you (as we’ve become accustomed to doing in Africa) then the wait will go quickly!

My favourite item on the menu (so far) is the ‘breakfast burrito’ – only a couple of quid, but HUGE – you could almost share it between two people. Filled with potatoes, cream, veg and other tasty things, it’s a real treat!

They also do coke floats (or sprite or any other fizzy drink), and you can choose any two flavours of icecream from a decent range! Don’t take my word for it – visit yourself! It’s located a block north of the Route de Koulikoro, not far from the Fourmi supermarket or the ‘Express’ restuarant.

Meanwhile, have a butcher’s at the following sites:

This one has info about the restaurant – including a map

This is a blog of some missions folks who went there once.

And here’s a photo of the Broadway’s meat soup and rice, which someone thought worthy of publishing on a blog!

Thanks for reading – bon appétit!

(Added March 2011): the Broadway Café has moved to the main Route de Koulikoro, across the road from the Fourmi supermarket. The old Broadway is still there, now called ‘off broadway’ and has had a complete makeover (but now caters less for kids). We still prefer the old place, as it is much ‘cosier’. Here are Lois and Mics enjoying a meal there recently:

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Dana on June 12th, 2010 at 10:34 am #

Are those recent pictures? Do they keep a Cmas tree up all year? Just curious!