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Drive up a hill and admire the city from the top.

Here’s my mate, Clive, admiring the view a few months back, with the Niger River in the distance:

One thing I love about Bamako (especially after Cotonou) is that it has hills and that means views! There are few things more rewarding, I find, than getting to the top of a hill and looking back down on where you’ve just come from.

Now, you could climb the hills, but in hot season this is not a great idea. The views in this post were taken from a place you can drive to, so no need to get hot and dusty in the process. Also, I’m informed that thieves operate in this area, so it may be unwise to leave your vehicle or proceed too far on foot.

To get there, take the road past the National Mali Museum (due to be covered in a supsequent TTDIB) and past the zoo (already done here). As you ascend the hill, you will see a dirt road to your right labelled, I think, “Piste Touristique du Point G” or words to that effect. Take the road (a 4×4 is best for this) and enjoy the view! Here are some more pics from a bit further down the road:

These were taken in December, when it’s a bit dusty, so maybe rainy season is a better time to get a really clear view of the city (as long as the dirt road isn’t too muddy then!)

A thought: you could even do the zoo, the museum and the viewpoint in the same day – now that’s good time-management!!!

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