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I’m 10 hours’ drive north of Bamako, half way to Timbuktu in a hot, dusty town which appears to have no taxis.

However, guess what? I’m sitting in this Cyber CafĂ©:

It is located in the grounds of a small hotel and has a grand total of three copmputers! However, it is air-conditioned (useful when it’s pushing 40 C outside) and costs only 500cfa an hour (that’s about 75p!!) The African lady in charge is sitting at another computer, listening to cora music and playing Zuma Delux!!!

I had a stroll through Sevaré this morning and took a few photos, like this one:

Need a sofa? Look no further! However, it’s very dry and dusty here, and the dust/sand blows everywhere; just rub your teeth together and you can feel it inbetween.

The car (not mine) had trouble starting yesterday and – as per usual – some kids in the village helped us bump start it. I’m off back to the garage soon to collect it, then tomorrow we head for the heart of Dogon Country for some ethnomusicological research…

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Eddie on March 12th, 2010 at 2:17 pm #

How things have changed. When I was last in Sevare (about 1998) our David was hospitalised with malaria in Abidjan and I didn’t find out for a week because there was no way to get news to me.

anne on March 13th, 2010 at 5:43 pm #

reminds me of the no 1 ladies deyective agency on tv