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I LOVE looking at this blog’s statistics now and again…

For example, the counter says that I’ve had 2,814 visitors from the UK, 2,543 from the USA, 201 from Canada, 79 from Mali and 70 from Benin! I wonder who they are and why they visit?

Well, below are some clues as to why people visit this blog. Here are the main search phrases and their percentages:

Which is the only king in a modern standard pack of
cards that doesn’t have a moustache? (14.8 %)
Space hopper (5.5 %)
Rob Baker (5.5 %)
Lois and Rob in Benin (3.7 %)
Kids riding bikes (3.7 %)
Giving Chocolate (3.7 %)

Fascinating! Apparently, the king without a moustache question rates fifth in the world out of about 44,000!!! (And all because of this trivia question!)

The following have also been searched, but less often:

Cotonou market photos (1.8 %)
Climate in Mali (1.8 %)
Wake up tired malaria (1.8 %)
Malian culture 1 1.8 %
Mitsubishi Montero car 2009 (1.8 %)
Co arinate (1.8 %)
Cockroaches (1.8 %)

Thanks to Reggie for sending me those – I hope you all found them interesting!

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