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Satisfying a Western diet in Mali can easily be an expensive affair…

Kellogg’s Cornflakes can cost £5.00 a box
Some cheeses are as much as £20 a kilo …and…
A litre of real milk is around £1.50 (so we use powdered!)

However, some things are as cheap or cheaper than back home, here are just some of them:

September '09-1

1. A bottle full of peanuts: £1.40
2. Bananas: 55p a kilo
3. Lebanese pitta bread (about 20) for £2.00
4. A litre of (drinkable) rose wine: £1.24
5. A kilo of locally-made peanut butter: £1.24
6. A bar of ‘BF’ soap, from Ivory Coast. I cut it in half and it lasts me about 3 months: 55p
7. “Foster Clark’s” powdered drink (makes 1.5 litres and tastes great): 23p
8. A box of prawn crackers (just fry ’em up and it fills two large bowls): 70p

So, there you go. Life in urban Africa doesn’t need to be too pricey, it’s just knowing what (and where) the bargains are!

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