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If so, I whole-heartedly recommend that you attend Re:ignite next spring.

Keswick 1

“What’s that all about?” I hear you ask! Well, it’s a kind of retreat for folk like us, which takes place in Keswick from 29th May – Friday 4th June next year. We went last year and found it a wonderful opportunity to:

(i) share with like-minded people
(ii) recharge our spiritual, mental and physical batteries
(iii) get some great teaching and handy ‘survival’ tips
(iv) enjoy the local countryside
(v) eat delicious meals on site every day.

There was also a great kids programme run by ‘international missions folk’ who understand TCK’s (of which we have three!)

Keswick 2

Great setting too – Keswick is beautiful! (Click here to see the view from our room last year). What more could you ask for? But don’t take my word for it – check out the info on the Christian Vocations website (where, if you look carefully, you may see someone you know holding an orange and a quote from a certain ‘LB’ too).

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