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1. Zemidjans were a fun and convenient way to get from A to B. (Hey, the humble zem has made it into Wikipedia: click here).
2. It had three Indian restaurants (and Bamako has one (since 2010)).
3. It was a crazy, vibrant place, where something was always happening.
4. School was literally just across the road (not 6 mins’ drive away…)
5. There were a lot fewer police check-points there.
6. It was by the seaside!
7. There were hardly ever any traffic jams (which happen twice a day in Bamako).
8. You could do the ‘finger click’ when shaking hands, which doesn’t happen in Mali (if you don’t know it, watch this short video).
9. Everything was just that bit cheaper.
10. It had an excellent jazz club, called Le Repaire de Bacchus.

NB I compared Cotonou to Lomé in this post.

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