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are BIG!

This one is 8mm long – not bad, and bigger than many we used to have in Benin:


Of course, this is not the first ‘mozzie blog post’ by any means. In Benin, I blogged about the wee beasties here and here and – of course – you can always search ‘malaria’ in the box at the top to find multiple postings on the subject too!

The good thing about these ‘monster mozzies’ is that (a) they’re easier to see (b) they’re just that bit slower and (c) they’re therefore easier to squash (or electricute with one of these rackets).

First prize, however, has to go to this mozzie, which tops in at a stunning 11mm (including legs):

(photo taken 5 seconds prior to its imminenent death by hand-squash)

There you go! Thanks to fine metal screening on all our doorways and windows, only a few mozzies have made it into the house so far (including the two above), but at least this gives me some extra exercise trying to catch them! Thanks for reading.


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Stephen Plummer on August 27th, 2009 at 12:18 am #

I hate mozzies…especially when you get that high-pitched whine in your ear…ugh!