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Reading through the Daily Telegraph the other day, I was rather supprised to find Bamako, capital of Mali, listed in the world weather!

Similar to Beijing, not as warm as Bangkok, but way hotter than Brisbane! Still, with a top temperature of 32 degrees Celcius, that’s more than bearable and, actually, rather pleasant! Of course, July and August are two of the cooler months in Mali and temps do get into the low 40s in April. Have a look at my first impressions of Mali just after my first visit there 18 months ago and you’ll see that the extreme heat (in April) was one of the things I didn’t much enjoy. Also, have a butcher’s at these charts from Southtravels.com :


Most of all, I’m looking forward to December and January, when (due to the Harmattan) night-time temperatures can fall to as low as 10 degrees at night, almost 15 cooler than Cotonou ever saw!

Well, enjoy the weather wherever you are next week – I know I will (for the first week at least!)

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