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Rob is back home from Texas and just about de-jet-lagged (if that’s a word).

I will always remember at least 4 things from my visit to the crazy but fun state of Texas. They are:

(i) The vehicles


Every other vehicle is a pickup truck, and you even get ‘posh’ ones! So many interesting and unusual vehicles when you’re coming from a European/African setting. Now, they may well drive like bricks on wheels, I don’t know. And they may be burning a hole in the atmosphere the size of a football pitch (either kind), but they sure look good!

(ii) The sky-scrapers


I’ve never seen such HUGE buildings as these ones in Dallas. I wouldn’t want to live next to a load of them, but one cannot deny how impressive they look.

(iii) The Christian signs


This is the Bible Belt, after all! Some of the signs made me laugh, but at the end of the day they are still publicizing the faith which I hold to – hopefully in a positive way!

(iv) The Texan Houses


It seems somewhat ironic that a Brit would come to the USA and end up saying, “I sure love your cute little houses”, but I did! They’re just so different from the old English thatches and terraced cottages, but had a charm of their very own. Also, the fact that you can buy one for a mere £40k is an attraction in itself!

Well, goodbye Texas and all its friendly people. I’ll be seein’ y’all again some day!

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