Filed Under (General) by Rob on 02-02-2009

It’s been snowing almost incessantly all day today – something which is almost unheard of in this part of Southern England!


But doesn’t it look lovely? Especially in our historic town of Ampthill!
This is, apparently, the most snow England has had in 18 years. Schools across southern counties were closed in large numbers and the London Transport system virtually ground to a halt today. Still, all the more time for sledging, eh? Here’s Ruth having fun on Cooper’s Hill:


…and Micah:


Such fun, especially after four years in snow-free Africa! It was just a tad on the chilly side after an hour’s sledging! Unfortunately, Madelaine couldn’t join us due to her tonsilitis, but I had a go and took a video for her to watch when we got home:

If it’s snowy where you live, have fun and take care!

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