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…but passing the baton on to my mate Olly!

The blog will be on “holiday” for the whole of Lent (ie until Easter) for the following reasons:

(i) So that I have more time to do other things, like concentrate on God.
(ii) So that YOU have more time to do other things, like concentrate on God.
(iii) Because it’s really hard to find things to put on an African blog when you’re living in the UK.
(iv) Because I’m up to my eyeballs writing a thesis.

However, if you want to see what’s going on in Cotonou, then I strongly recommend Olly Peet’s blog. They’re in Cotonou with Mercyships for the next few months and already have some great commentaries and photos of Cotonou. He also posted up my list of good places to eat in Cotonou, which I sent him.

Bye for now – back after Easter. Have a good Lent!

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Number 1: Make it into an IGLOO!!!


Like many Brits today, the Baker family were avidly gathered around the radio for the school closures announcements on Heart FM this morning. Everyone cheered when Alameda Middle School was read out (but the kids cheered just a wee bit louder than we did!) But what does one do on the SECOND school closure day of the week? We’d already done the sledging thing, and besides, today’s snow was much damper and heavier than Monday’s. Not great for sledging but…THAT’S IT!

“Hey, kids, let’s build walls around the trampoline and make it into an igloo!”

So, we got to work…


An hour or two later, and it was finished. So pleased were we with the end result that we decided to have our lunch out there. The only trouble was, neither Lois nor I could sit up inside!

(NB the grey ‘smudge’ to the left is not a fault on the photo; it’s my breath, as it was so FREEZING in there!)

If you’re local and want to see it, do pop round, but you’ll have to be quick as the sides are starting to thaw and collapse already! And we were hoping to name it 199 Oliver Street…

Well, do try this at home, it’s lots of fun. But remember, you saw it here first…

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It’s been snowing almost incessantly all day today – something which is almost unheard of in this part of Southern England!


But doesn’t it look lovely? Especially in our historic town of Ampthill!
This is, apparently, the most snow England has had in 18 years. Schools across southern counties were closed in large numbers and the London Transport system virtually ground to a halt today. Still, all the more time for sledging, eh? Here’s Ruth having fun on Cooper’s Hill:


…and Micah:


Such fun, especially after four years in snow-free Africa! It was just a tad on the chilly side after an hour’s sledging! Unfortunately, Madelaine couldn’t join us due to her tonsilitis, but I had a go and took a video for her to watch when we got home:

If it’s snowy where you live, have fun and take care!