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Lois is half way through an intensive French course in the beautiful city of Strasbourg.


Here’s the house where Lois is staying:


Looks nice! Over to you, Lois:

“I’ve been in Strasbourg for just over a week now. I have come to do a couple of weeks’ French study and am staying with a host family. The course is going well and I don’t feel as stupid as I thought I would, which is nice. If I could stay for 6 months I might actually get the hang of this language.”

(Lois étudie le français dans sa chambre).

(Lois étudie le français dans sa chambre).

“This next week we are doing the subjunctive so that could be a it of a nightmare! There are 8 of us in my group; 2 Japanese, 1 Russian, 1 Libian, 1 Indian, 1 Irish (the only male), 1 American and me!”


“Strasbourg is a beautiful sity and if you have never visited it I would highly recommend it. Trams were introduced 12 years ago and have completely transformed the place! The traffic flows easily and pollution levels have dropped significantly.”


“Strasbourg lies between the Vosges and the Black Forest mountains. Certain climatic conditions can mean that the pollution can’t escape. This happens a few days in winter and summer. On such occasions you can travel all day on the trams for 1 euro 40!”

Wow, that’s cheap, Lois! Almost as cheap as 1 pound 40, in fact! All the best for the next week, girl! We’re all missing you back here in sunny Bedfordshire.

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