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Groceries with evangelistic labels:

Yes, this is the ‘God Saves’ brand of icing sugar (new improved, too!) Now God’s word may be described as sweeter than honey in Psalm 119:103, but I’ve not come across icing sugar being used to describe Him before!

In northern Togo, I once bought a loaf or two of this bread:

The ‘God First Special Bread’, produced – rather appropriately – by Auntie Mercy. Very tasty and wholesome, by the way. At least we have John 6:48 to refer to when it comes to God and bread, so it’s doing better than the icing sugar.

As mentioned in this previous post, God is everywhere in Africa, even – it would seem – on your shopping basket!

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Q: In scuba diving, each letter of the word ‘scuba’ actually stands for something. What is the descriptive phrase which S.C.U.B.A stands for?

Answer to last week’s question: The first televised episode of Doctor Who was on 23rd November 1963 (waaaayyyy before my time…) And the winner was Clive Anderson.