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I got home from Africa last night and – somehow – managed to bring back THIS extra passenger with me:

It’s rather a mystery, and I’ve no idea how it happened, but after I’d unpacked, I left one of my empty bags in the hallway for a while, then put it away. An hour or two later, Lois went downstairs and saw what she presumed to be a plastic, ‘trick’ cockroach. However, upon closer examination, it proved not only to be a REAL cockroach, but also to still be ALIVE (if a tad stunned)! Here he is on our staircase (probably wondering what carpet is!)

I guess this kind of thing can happen easily, but it was a little scary – I’m just glad it wasn’t a poisonous spider or snake than snuck into my bag when I wasn’t looking! You’ll remember how much I ‘love’ cockroaches from this previous blog post, which has a particularly revolting photo of them.

Finally, I was in a village in Benin in June and went out to use the ‘loo’ at night (a basic, long-drop style toilet) only to find the walls literally COVERED in cockroaches!! I didn’t hang around to count them (or even take a photo for the blog) but there must’ve been at least 50 of them. Needless to say, I figured my ‘business’ was not so urgent that it couldn’t wait until the morning…

Thanks for reading. More on my EPIC trip back home soon!

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thainamu on October 28th, 2008 at 8:31 pm #

OK, that is just gross. I’m collecting “only at my place of work” stories, and this one might qualify.
–one of your colleagues