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…until I came back!

It’s strange how one’s mind tends to block out certain good things when you leave a place – I guess it’s partly because you just don’t see, taste or hear of them, but maybe it’s also the brain’s way of coping with the transition. Here are a few things I’ve been delighted to experience since coming back to Africa, even though I wasn’t missing them in England:

* The lush greenery of the place, especially as it’s rainy season – palm trees, mango trees, banana plants, papaya plants, bougainvillea bushes, frangipani trees etc.

* Being able to go out in just a t-shirt and not feel cold, day or night.

* Fan Milk ice-creams – cheap but delicious!

* The intensity of the sunshine – both in terms of light and heat. Although you can’t stay in it long, a few seconds is enough to bathe you in warmth and make you feel better!

* The openness, smiles and warmth of African people (sorry Brits, but they out-do us big-time on this one!)

* Fulani cheese in sauce, served with rice. Mmmmmm! (known locally as Fromage Peuhl)

* The constant sound of insects from nightfall onwards. In fact, here are a couple of interesting (and very beautiful) specimens I’ve seen since arriving here:

(Some kind of dragon-fly thingy)

(A praying mantis)

The praying mantis is, of course, famous for the somewhat unusual practice of the female eating the male just after mating. However, according to Wikipedia, this kind behaviour is not limited to the mantis, but also occurs amongst other insects and arachnids.

Don’t forget this post, where you can hear the amazing sounds of an African night and also this one about an interesting looking moth.

Meanwhile, I’ll enjoy a few more days of Africa, then it’s back to drizzle, cold, dark nights and frost!

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