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I LOVE music of all kinds. But when I think of some of my favourite artists and albums, it’s only because of others’ recommendations that I’ve ever got into them.

So here’s a wee tribute to some of the friends who have introduced me to some of my most cherished recordings.

Thanks to:

* Mike Simpson for introducing me to the crazy but musically brilliant music of Meredith Monk.

* Liz Henderson for introducing me to the legendary African Horns album, which I listen to regularly and play at virtually every party I throw.

* Clive Anderson (no relation) for introducing me to the powerful, moving voice of Eva Cassidy.

* Mike Webb for introducing me to Steve Reich, my favourite composer EVER. Fantastic music (if you like that sort of thing – and I do!)

* Dave Robinson for introducing me to the crazy world of Mika. Thanks Dave – my kids love him too!

* Irma Piet for introducing me to the inspiring, contemporary choral music of dutch musician Remco Hakkert

* Nick Worley for introducing me the hypnotic, intriguing music of The Orb (esp. the monumental “Little Fluffy Clouds”)

* Neil Breakey for introducing me (via his blog) to Duke Special and, in particular, his wonderful song “Our love goes deeper than this.”

* Julie Taylor for introducing me to the wonders of Tuvan Throat Singing (after which I rushed out and bought this album).

* And, finally, thanks to Lois for introducing me to the incredible singing and jazz piano of Harry Connick Junior and to the neo-classical delights of Rondo Veneziano.
There you go! My hope would be that, through these recommendations, I am able to introduce YOU to some new music you’ll love and enjoy too!

And finally…

The surreal genius of Meredith Monk – not one you’re likely to rush out and buy, but it might just make you smile!

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anne on September 26th, 2008 at 9:25 pm #

well, well, well, whatever next?
i think mika is great fun. lou and i went to see/hear him in brighton, the best show, family fun, so entertaining.

Chris Snead on September 28th, 2008 at 12:36 am #

AMEN to Duke Special, saw them live at Greenbelt last year and they sang that song. brilliant! though, i have to question The Orb…