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No not me, silly. My Dad!


We made it back to England just in time to celebrate his 70th birthday. Incredible – where have the years gone? Although he’s technically retired after around 40 years as a Baptist Minister, Dad still preaches once or twice a month and enjoys walking, sudokus and extra strong mints!

We had a lovely tea there and it was good to see my ‘almost brother’ Clive Rahn, to whom we bequeathed a Beninese zem shirt, which he liked very much:


As a special treat, we took Dad to this prom concert at the Royal Albert Hall last Monday evening, which he enjoyed. Beethoven’s 5th was monumental, but Elliott Carter‘s oboe concerto was a tad modern for his liking.

Finally, to help Dad celebrate his big day, we gave him this apt badge to cheer him up:


That’s all for now. The blog is officially ‘on holiday’ for the whole of August, so there will be no new posts until September. However, there are plenty of archives you can browse through…

Other News…

* We just got back from the Keswick Convention, which was an excellent time of physical and spiritual refreshment.
* The kids are at ‘Fusion’ this week, which is our church’s holiday club. Lots of fun (including a TARDIS in the shape of a garden shed!!)
* SUMMER PARTY this Saturday. Drop me a line if you’d like to come and haven’t told us yet.
* Off to Derbyshire next week.

That’s about it for now. Thanks for reading.

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