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(Definitely NOT an April fool this time)

On Tuesday afternoon, thieves armed with AK-47s and machine guns attempted a bank robbery in Dantokpa Market, Cotonou.
Dantokpa from bridge

Scary stuff indeed, and two police offices were purportedly killed in the event. The robbers arrived on speedboats, as the Market is next to the lagoon (which is what TÉ”kpa means in FÉ”n). A British friend of ours was crossing the lagoon at that moment and heard gunfire and saw loads of people running towards him. He quickly drove off in the other direction – a close call, I think.

Enough from me – read Vincent’s expertly-written and detailed account of proceedings. Here’s a shorter article about it, if you’ve only got 30 seconds to spare.
Et voici des articles en français sur le braquage au Marché Dantokpa du premier Avril. Article dans l’@raignée Article dans Option Infos

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