Filed Under (Beninese culture, General) by Rob on 28-02-2008

Our friend Joanna was hungry and fancied getting a wee bite to eat…


So, she strolled down the road to find some take-away food. Unfortunately, the place she usually went to was closed, but there was a lady selling street meat, so she thought she’d give it a whirl. There were only a couple of pieces left on the griddle, so she decided to take them. As it was getting dark, she didn’t get too close a look.

However…when she got home, she opened up the bag and here’s what she found – one ear and one snout:



Mmmm – tasty!

I’m sure there’s a moral to the story somewhere, but I haven’t figured it out yet. Needless to say, her appetite was somewhat diminished at the sight of the above fare and she decided to give it a miss!

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