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Here are Sylvia and Jann with their assistant, Yendukwa. They are about to open the first ever box of Moba New Testaments to arrive in their town:


These two amazing women have been working in Northern Togo for 30 years, and this New Testament in the Moba language has taken the last 12 years to complete. Up until now, the Moba people have not had the Bible in their own language. Here they are looking through the pages for the first time:


Whenever a new Bible translation comes out, it is customary to have a dedication ceremony and the Moba one is coming up soon. Rob was up there last week for a music seminar to encourage the use of traditional Moba rhythms, melodies and instruments. Part of this included composing songs for the Moba New Testament dedication. Three groups wrote a song each and one will be chosen to be sung by a choir at the ceremony! Exciting stuff – more on the workshop in a few days’ time.

Of course, Rob had to get in on the action and be the FOURTH person in Moba land ever to touch a New Testamant. Have a butchers:


Other News:

* The Harmattan is almost over, and the hot, sticky weather is on its way back (but we shan’t miss all the dust…)

* Madelaine is getting used to her new 3/4 sized violin, which Rob brought back from the UK (she was still on 1/4 size at 10 years old!!)

* Ruth’s class is selling jewelry to help poorer villages have wells.

* Micah is half way through ‘The Prisoner of Azkaban’ now and is enjoying it. Here he is, ready for another match of Quidditch:


* Lois is looking forward to half term (only 2 weeks to go!)

* After two crazy weeks of traveling, Rob is hoping for a few days’ sanity in Cotonou!!

* No more mice in the house – not since Rob nearly stepped on a dead one when getting out of bed!!

Bye for now.

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Debbie on February 4th, 2008 at 10:06 am #

Great to see these pics, Rob! Thanks for writing about this event. I’m going to send some of my partners to your site to check out this news! 🙂 See you soon in Cotonou …

Phil on February 4th, 2008 at 6:08 pm #


Great news!!!!

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