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Well, not really. But it depends on your definition of fame! Read on…

Last Sunday, we went to eat at Chez Tony, a cheap fast-food joint, which does Lebanese food, burgers etc. (hardly a slap-up Sunday lunch, but there you go). I was about to sit down when this big Belgian bloke shouted: “Rob!” across the room at me. I turned round and looked at the guy – I’d never seen him before in my life!

“It’s Rob, isn’t it?” he said in English.
“Yes, do I know you?”
“No, I saw you on YouTube.”

So, if being recognized by a total stranger counts as fame, I suppose that qualifies! It turns out his son was interested in the Pendjari National Park, so had looked it up on YouTube and found my vids. He’d then browsed other ones of me doing silly things with music or British accents, and therefore recognized me from my cyberspace antics. There you go – it was a good (if slightly surreal) feeling!

My only similar experience was at a party in Bedford, when a total stranger came up to me and said:
“Are you Rob Baker?”
To which I replied affirmatively. “Why do you ask?”
“Well, my friend, Tamsin, told me you’d be here and that you’d be the noisiest person at the party.”

Eeek! How embarrassing!

Back to Africa; we have a few dozen photos of our trips to the Pendjari park – it’s a great place for a safari (elephants, hippos, baboons, lions, but no zebras or giraffes). Have a look at them here.

More soon!


PS Anyone know the Borrowers answer? If not, ask your kids!!!

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anne on January 18th, 2008 at 10:57 am #

the noisiest at a party?,I cant believe that, but it beats being the nosiest I suppose.

louisa on January 18th, 2008 at 11:08 am #

random guess – are they all blue?