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The other night, we went for another monumental curry at what we think is the best place in town…


Here we are, last Wednesday evening, with our old friend, Eddie Arthur, at the restaurant. As ever, the food was DELICIOUS. We’ve not seen Eddie in four years, and he was only in town for a couple of nights. So we thought we’d push the boat out and spend three pounds on him! He really enjoyed it, though – see his side of the story here. They don’t often make ’em like Eddie – he’s a sound bloke and great fun to be with. I often say (and it’s true) that I would not be in Africa doing ethnomusicology were it not for him. (I’ll stop now, before you’re shiny head gets too big, mate!)

“Davia” is a Beninese lady who worked as a cook for an Indian family for a number of years, during which she perfected (in our opinion) the art of Indian cuisine. Her tandoori chicken is to die for and she does a mean paneer and divine dall! The building where you eat is the last place in town you’d look for a good ‘ruby’ (explanation on request). Here’s the entrance:

It’s in one of the dodgier parts of town, service is not fast, the interior decor is uninspiring and there’s no written menu to choose from. BUT… there’s always a warm welcome and you get truly delicious food for a great price. You can tell how good it is if you go at lunchtime and see several Indian blokes eating there. It’s one of the places we’ve taken virtually all our friends who’ve visited (I even took Michael Meadowcroft, former Liberal MP for Leeds there a couple of times and he loved it!) Here’s Lois, her mum and our friend Kim Mitton enjoying some of the food at last year’s Birthday Curry:


Mmmm! Now for Benin visitors – a few directions: From the “Mayfair” supermarket, turn right and follow the paved road north. After about 5 roads, you’ll see a big furniture shop to the right. Turn left just before it, and Davia’s is on that corner. Bon appétit!

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Eddie on January 11th, 2008 at 8:50 pm #

Wadja mean shiney?

Thanks for a great evening folks! Next one in HG.

John Hamilton on January 13th, 2008 at 8:49 pm #

Lovely to see the curry photos and comments from you and Eddie – and to see three old friends hanging out together. Reminds me that we too were in on the beginnings of the Bakers in Vavoua. Anyway looking forward to visiting Benin while that curry house is still there for you to take me there! John