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Yes, it’s 2008 already – wow, tempus fugit, eh?

Sorry for the HUGE delay in posting to the blog – Christmas festivities and all that. Also, our broadband has been down for the past couple of weeks and the dial up is painfully slow! Not to worry! Here are the kids opening their pressies on Christmas morning:


For Christmas dinner, we were invited to an American lady’s house and had turkey, ham, broccoli and macaroni cheese! Here we are (but I was taking the photo, so am absent!)


We took along Christmas pud and custard and also some crackers to pull (as Americans don’t have them). After the meal, we sung carols with Rob playing his keyboard. It was a fun day!

Other news…

* We’ve had mice in our house repeatedly for the past couple of weeks, so it’s been fun trying to catch them!
* The kids are at a sleepover at friends’ tonight (yes, all three of them!)
* Rob’s enjoying his first iPod, which he got for Christmas.
* Lois got a small digital camera for Christmas, which is handy.
* She also got (and has already finished) Peter Kay’s book The sound of laughter. “There was plenty of that whilst she was reading it”, says Rob.
* Very few power cuts this Christmas, and usually short ones (like 5 mins long!)

That’s all for now, more soon I promise!

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