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It’s 2CV time again soon! Today, the next fleet of Citroën Deux Chevaux leave Brussels for another epic trans-saharan Touareg Trail to Benin.

Here are some more of the cars that made the trip last year:

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Sugar Free 2CV!
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At the moment this post goes on the blog, the launch will be taking place in Brussels (10:30am today) with the departure scheduled for midday. Read about it here and watch this space in a few weeks to see photos of their arrival.

The BBC recently put this article on their site, which praises the low emissions of the Deux Chevaux and cites it as a great car for London driving. I’ve been a big fan from a young age, but have never owned one yet (maybe I’ll wait till I have my mid-life crisis in my 40’s, then get one!!!) Incidentally, the first ever post on this blog, was of a 2CV, posted by Reggie.

If you’re interested in buying a 2CV, then the 2CV centre – bizarrely in Frome, Somerset – is the best place to get your tin duck these days! Also, Francophones, check out this cool 2CV site. Here are a couple more pics:

Cool combi!
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Nice blue one!
(click to enlarge. More photos in my 2CV gallery).)

Finally, if you click on nothing else, read this article from the New York Times (listed on the Touareg Trail site), which doesn’t mention 2CV’s but has some important and interesting stuff about Benin. It’s so well done, I’ve added it to my links on the RHS.

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