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The month of October is probably my least favourite climate-wise.

Firstly, the temperature is fairly warm:

(NB That’s not Fahrenheit!!)

Now there are warmer times of the year than this, but because of the combination of sunshine and rainfall, then the humidity is very high – between 70% and 90%!!


You see, March and February are unbearably hot, but there’s no rain, so the humidity is low. Then there’s June, when it rains almost more than the rest of the year put together. But it’s cooler then. October, however, is too warm and too humid:


(this graph from The Africa Guide, which has more info on Benin’s climate).

Click here to see the weather forecast in Benin for the next few days. Shouldn’t complain I guess, as it’s probably snowing back in Ol’ Blighty!

Other news…

*Rob is recovering from yet another bout of malaria and has been grateful for Facebook at this time!

*Ruth has also been selling flours to raise money for the poor and has so far raised 2,250cfa (= about £2.25 or $5.00)

*The kids are enjoying ‘The Sound of Music’.

*We went to a birthday curry last night, for our friend Brian.

*No definite visitors scheduled before our return next July – would you like to come out and see us??

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