Filed Under (General) by Rob on 28-07-2007

A friend of ours has just finished building a radio mast in central Benin. Last week we were invited to a fun day to celebrate the completion of the project…

First, Rob got to climb up the mast – but bottled out at about 30 feet! Here I am:


It felt very high when I was up there, but once I returned to terra ferma I could see I’d only gone about 7th of the way up!!!

Then we had a nice meal of goat and rice, then in the afternoon, the dads did a ‘treasure hunt’ around the site with the kids/ This involved making a fire African style to toast some marshmallows:


Then Ruthie got to have a mudbath:


Finally, Rob had a go on the bulldozer – rather fun, and to steer you simply apply one of the two breaks (no steering wheel!!)


After this, the kids had a fun water fight with those bags of drinking water you can buy everywhere (for less than 2p a bag!) and two braver guys climbed to the very top of the mast (about 200ft!!) Maybe next time, says Rob.

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