Filed Under (Ethnomusicology, General) by Rob on 15-07-2007

Rob had a busy week with his computer cassette duplicator last week…


The song-writing workshops and recording sessions are only the start. Once he gets home, Rob uploads the MP3 recordings onto the computer and then edits them using a great program called Audacity, then he makes a master cassette, being careful to monitor the recording level for each track and to calculate the length of each side correctly. After this, it’s onto the machine, which copies 4 C60 tapes in under 5 minutes. Here’s a close up of the awesome device:


“Just as well, as I had 450 cassettes to copy last week” says Rob “and I have over 700 copied tapes boxed up and awaiting delivery.”

Remember, all of these contain Bible-based songs in the local language and musical style, using a variety of genres and traditional instruments, so pray for those who will be listening to the recordings in the coming months.

Next workshop: 8-10 August, with the Ifè and Idaasha people. Stay tuned!

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