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Last week we had school prize giving to end the term. This year, Madelaine won a prize for being punctual and hard-working. Here she is getting her prize:


Other news…

*Madelaine has low-grade malaria again last week, but both she and Ruth had some kind of virus which gave them high fevers for several days. At one point, Mads hit the dizzy heights of 40.6 degrees C, a bit too scarily high for our liking! They’re both much better now. Mads had a rash following the fever too, but that’s almost faded now.

*Rob went on a 4×4 course the other day (see post below)

*We’re on school hols now, and may even get to go out a bit next week (now the kids are well…)

*We travel to Parakou in a few days for a wee holiday, then on to Kara for our annual retreat.

*Before then, Rob has 450 cassettes to duplicate, but the lady at the market has run out!!

*At Kara, Rob’s in charge of all the worship and is also running a choir. Should be fun.

*After Kara, Lois sister Alison and her family come to visit. We’re all very excited, especially the kids!

And finally…

Micah has started reading Harry Potter!

He’s now on chapter 3 and is enjoying it.

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