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Last week, Rob attended a conference for Missions in Francophone Africa, which took place in Lomé, the capital city of Togo.

They used to say: “Lomé la Belle, Cotonou Poubelle”. However, Cotonou is thankfully becoming less and less dustbin-like with newly-surfaced roads, smart buildings and nice restaurants. Lomé has retained much of it’s former beauty, with the roads – originally designed by the Germans – in a coherent layout around a semi-circular ‘ring-road’. Many of the roads are tree-lined and somewhat narrower than in Cotonou, and then there’s the added dimension of hills (where Cotonou is completely flat, even below sea-level in places). The main thing you notice when driving in Lomé is the absence of the yellow-shirted zemidjans, the bane of any Cotonou driver, but also a handy means of transport! The whole place generally feels less cluttered and a tad more serene.
If you have a fast connection, click here to see a cool video of Lomé (hope you can stand the music!!)


Other news…

  • Ooops! Looks like Micah’s got a bit confused during horse-riding!


  • The school fair was a big success – thanks to Lois and the committee, who did a great job.
  • Rob’s malaria returned, so he treated again. However, on the tail end of this, he has a cold with sore throat, blocked nose etc, so has very little energy.
  • More rains have kept temperatures at around 27/28 degrees C, but quite humid. The change in weather seems to have brought quite a lot of illness amongst school staff and other friends/colleagues.
  • Power cuts have been few and far between recently, which is good news!
  • Rob heads to Togo again next week, to record the music of one of the smallest people groups in the country. Their music is beginning to die out, so these new Bible-based songs will help not only in increasing scriptural knowledge, but also in preserving a waning element of culture.
  • Before that, Rob has around 120 cassettes to duplicate – only about 2 hours’ work with his cool machine:


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