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Yep, rainy season is here and it certainly makes for cooler weather!

The other day, I measured the midday temperature as 26 degrees C, which is very pleasant, believe me. Of course there are several downsides to the change in weather, namely:

  • the humidity is higher (up to 90% sometimes)
  • There are more mosquitoes about (as they breed in standing water)
  • Our street ends up looking like this:

Our street after rainfall

(that’s our wall on the left!)

The main difficulty in such a situation is not to splash anyone else, as they – understandibly – get quite irate! This is, however, sometimes tricky to avoid when (a) there’s water everywhere, (b) your 4×4 weighs a couple of tonnes and (c) the person is standing right next to said puddle!

Other news…

  • As I write this, Rob is down with his third (or is it 4th?) bout of malaria since coming here, there’s a power cut and a storm brewing outside! Otherwise, we’re just fine! Amazingly, the school’s wireless internet is working – hence this post!
  • Rob has been taking his IGCSE Dutch exam (just for fun!) The school allowed him to enter this and so he’s sitting in a room surrounded by his own students for the exams!
  • Ruth has joined jewelry making club after school and Micah now does ball games.
  • Mads stopped doing Karate (because it hurt!) and has come back to Samba Band (yeah!)
  • Micah is now learning the recorder with Lois and can place G, A and B already!
  • This birdie returned to peck at our window this week (or one like it!):

Yellow-fronted Canary

It’s a yellow-fronted canary (though I’m sure you didn’t need telling that, Steve P!)

  • Lots of illness about – Lois had to get a supply teacher in today as most of her assistants are ill (as are several of the kids).
  • Rob’s looking into an MPhil or MA in ethnomusicology – to research traditional music in worship. Watch this space.
  • Rob has a conference in Lome, Togo, next week.
  • Next workshop for Rob is from 30th May in Togo.

Finally, I love this view of Cotonou, taken from the top of the new Maersk building and looking down towards the Etoile Rouge roundabout:


(click to enlarge).

It’s almost pitch black in here now (at 11:00am!!) and the wind is making all the doors slam! Better post this fast before the lightening comes! Thanks for reading!

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sue arthur on May 11th, 2007 at 10:47 am #

Hi Rob and Lois,

We are having a rainy week here in Southampton. Seeing your post reminds me of the amazing storms we used to get in Abidjan. I remember the anticipation of the rain when it starts to get dark and all the doors start to bang – and the smell when it finally arrives. Hope you got off your computer before the storm arrived!

love Sue

Steve Plummer on May 20th, 2007 at 9:17 pm #

No, I have to be honest and admit that I didn’t know it was a yellow-fronted canary! I had an early morning walk over Ampthill Park this morning and found a treecreeper’s nest with young – not as exotic as a y-fc, but fascinating nonetheless (I also counted 635 rabbits there last night)! Then a very rare caspian tern was spotted at Marston Vale CP this afternoon…but it had disappeared by the time I got there 🙁 Even many of the local twitchers missed it. Kate G prayed for you all during our BMS service with John Smith today.