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Our trip to Togo was a fun one, if a tad too ‘eventful’ at times! We took a different route to Togo, crossing the border near Azovè. However, the battery light came on as we were leaving Cotonou, and it emerged that our alternator belt had snapped! Still, a half hour stop in a village and it was done (and all for £1.00 – cheap at half the price!) Here’s the mechanic busy at work under the Land Rover’s bonnet:


Once in Togo, we hang a right and took a very bumpy road north to the hydro-electric dam at Nangbeto. As Jon works in this field, it was interesting for him to see (although he maintains Rob was even more excited by it!) Here’s the road as you approach the dam:
Nangbeto 1

And here are the turbines and stuff:

Nangbeto 2

From there, it was still over 4 hours’ drive to our destination. We stayed the night at the SIL centre in Kara, them travelled 45 mins north to Baga, where we started the song-writing workshop with the Nawdm people from 1-3 March (see post above for details of this).

On Sunday, 4th, we headed back down south, passing several overturned lorries on the mountain pass. Boarder crossing fine and quick, then the usual stop at the Auberge in Dassa for one of their legendary omelette sandwiches. Mmmm! Unfortunately, on the way back into Cotonou, Rob scraped the right side of the car on a parked lorry. Ooops. This took out the back window on the right, which has now been replaced with plexiglass. Not to worry.

So, back in Cotonou for Jon’s last full night in Cotonou – time for some manakiche and chwarma at the Teranga restaurant, just round the corner:


(hey, Brian and Matt – you’re famous too!!)

Jon flew out the following night and two days later Rob set off on the same journey again (but longer) for ANOTHER workshop!!! Aaarrrggghh!

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Rachel Lewis on March 15th, 2007 at 9:02 pm #

Nice to see Jon again after all this time! I can’t believe it’s been that long since he moved away from Bedfordshire.

Great to catch up with your news – blogs are fabulous!

Rob on March 19th, 2007 at 11:30 am #

I agree! Thanks for your comment. Take care.