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In spite of having 7 stitches in my head and malaria, a lot has happened in the last week or so!

First off, here are some photos of Lois’ 40th Birthday Bash. These are the guests arriving (see if you can spot Lois and her parents).

… and here are some of the guests enjoying the Thai food:


After the meal, it was time for a delicious birthday cake:


Here we are with the cake:


(That’s Jean’s left ear, by the way!)

On Mondays, Madelaine has Karate club after school.

The children are enjoying having two of their grandparents here. This is Brian reading “Were going on a Bear Hunt” to Micah:

Storytime with Granddad

On Wednesday, we performed the show “Rats” to parents. It’s a great show – based on the Pied Piper of Hamelin, but done in a witty and contemporary way. Mads played the part of the crippled boy who got left behind. Here she is singing her solo:

Pied Piper show Mads

And here are the whole cast singing the finale:
Pied Piper show 1

Friday was the last day of the half term. The girls had the Valentines Disco at school and Micah had a party. Also, the Beninese musical artist Dag Jack came as usual to lead the children in some singing. Here he is (can you spot Micah too?)

Singing with Dag Jack

Today, Saturday, Rob’s feeling much better (see next post) and we’re having a restful day. This afternoon, we’re hoping to take the in-laws to the pool.

Other news…

  • Jon Assheton is arriving on Wednesday for almost 2 weeks.
  • He will be accompanying Rob on his next ethno trip – a song-writing workshop with the Nawdm people of Togo.
  • Birthday curry on 23rd.
  • Brian & Jean leave on 25th (evening of)
  • A further workshop the week after Jon leaves.
  • The Vickers family come to visit on 30th March.

Wow! What a busy time!

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Rachel Lewis on February 27th, 2007 at 5:33 pm #

A-ha, now I didn’t work that one out that it was the Vickers family who were coming over.

Hope everyone’s much better; that Brian and Jean got back safely and that Jon arrives safely.

It’s raining here…quite a lot.

Rachel xx