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Filed Under (General) by Rob on 27-12-2006

Happy Christmas!  Last week we went up to the Pendjari National Park in northern Benin, and saw LOADS of exciting wild animals!

For example, here’s the elephant which crossed the road in front of us: Elephant crossing (2)

And here’s a gorgeous lioness, just in front of us:

Lioness (2)

Click on one of these, or the photo on the RHS of this blog to get to the albums.

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Hi folks.  Last week, Micah was 6 and Mads was 9.  Then, our friend Clive Rahn arrived and enjoying his time here.

We’ve already taken Clive shopping round Cotonou and yesterday evening he was the honoured guest at a party at the USA Ambassador’s house!

Monday, we head up north to the Pendjari National Park to see some wild animals (we hope), then back in time for Christmas.  Should be fun, and we hope the Land Rover holds out for the duration!

Hey, have a quick go at this fun test to find out which of the Muppets you are!  Rob thought he’d come out as ‘Rolf’ the piano-playing dog, but actually came out as Kermit!  Lois was Fozzie Bear and Clive was Animal!  Leave a comment to let us know what you came out as!

The photo gallery is still working fine, however I’m currently unable to add any more photos (but Reggie is working on this!)  Meanwhile, enjoy the photos already on there!

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Rob, Lois, Clive et al

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Hi there! Thanks for visiting. We’ve just about finished writing school reports now and have our school Christmas concert this Friday. Then we break up the following Friday, which is the day Clive arrives!

Phew! We’re also having quite a number of power cuts and yesterday’s one lasted eight hours!! Bit warm!

The HARMATTAN is really here in full force now – I measured the humidity as 52% this afternoon, which is almost unheard of (as Cotonou can regularly have up to 90% humidity). Still, it makes a pleasant change and, although it’s still pretty warm, it’s more bearable when it’s not so sticky.

MICAH has his 6th birthday party on Saturday and MADELAINE has her 9th birthday party next Thursday. In the Christmas play, RUTH is doing some narrating and is also being an angel!  MADELAINE’S cough and wheezy chest are much better – she’s on inhalers all the time now, which seem to be doing the trick.
Have you seen our photo gallery yet? There are some nice pics of the country there and a few other bits and pieces.

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