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Yes, Jenny from Ampthill got the right answer of:


Well done, Jenny! We’ll be sending you a Wycliffe Benin polo shirt as soon as possible! Btw, they come in blue, green or red – which would you prefer (subject to availability!!) Other entries included: can’t-see-me bird, yellow-billed hornbill and (somewhat bizarrely) Norwegian-blue parrot!!
Here are a couple more shots of the cheeky chappie. In this one, he’s got his head downwards, but his beak is quite visible through the foliage:


and here, he’s eating a leaf not, as his name would suggest, a plantain!

NB for those not familiar with them, plantains are a kind of large banana, but which you cannot eat raw. It is usually chopped into rings and fried (locally known as alloco). Also, the Africans pound them with large wooden a pestle and mortar to make a kind of paste, known as foutou. Clickmore info on plantains. The same is done with maize or yams.

Meanwhile, it looks like the pair of sunbirds (see Birds of Benin link to the RHS of this blog) are building a nest right outside our window! Should get some good pics then (if I didn’t frighten them off with my camera today!!)

Other News…

Rob’s malaria has cleared up and he feels about 90% okay now and even played tennis this morning.

Ruth and Madelaine went horse-riding this evening, and had a whale of a time (more on that when I have more time).

At school today, Micah got a merit certificate for good work in sports and Ruth got a merit badge.  Lois is enjoying her Year R/1 class and, although it is tiring, she does have some classroom assistants who help ease the load.

Next Wednesday, Rob heads up country to make 3 hours worth of recordings of a Togolese choir, and to record Philippians and James onto cassette in the local language (Nawdm).

However, the Land Rover is currently in the garage and needs a new drive shaft (or part of), so we’re hoping and praying that the part will come in time.

Thanks for visiting. That’s all for now.

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Jenny Anderson on October 12th, 2006 at 10:02 pm #

Blue please but i don’t mind any of those colours!

Hello from all us Andersons!

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